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Stocking Stuffers: Socks and Underwear

In my family growing up we always got a set of socks and a set of underwear for Christmas. Growing up with four brothers and myself my parents used holidays as a restock time of year as well as a fun surprise. So we always got a few items we desperately needed, and any parent will tell you when raising kids you always need extra socks and extra underwear. 

The Boy’s Store has some incredibly cute socks and underwear available, because after all, just because we need them doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. 

Boys Boxer Briefs by Trimfit: These fun and comfortable boxer briefs come in package of four. These just scream comfort, they are tagless, they are contoured to fit, and they are 100% combed cotton. They come in a colorful and assorted set with stripes, bold solids, and football helmets. 

Boys’ Cowboys Socks by MP: These cowboy themed socks will rope any young buck’s heart. Available in gray and navy they are perfect for that little western lover. 

Boys Spaceman Leg Warmers by Huggalugs: These legwarmers are perfect for that little crawling babe that isn’t ready to walk but needs to be stylish and protect his knees. He will rocket to the moon without ever leaving the family room!

Christmas Must-Haves: Socks and Underwear

If you are like me you use Christmas to restock on items your kids have outgrown, worn out, or lost. In this house, we do a need, a want, and read when it comes to Christmas gifts. One thing my kids ALWAYS seem to need is socks and underwear. Because after all, who doesn’t need those things! Making them a Christmas must-haves items. My kids are terrible on their underwear. Mostly because they never take them out of their pants. So the two sometimes end up washed together. Also, because I swear they have little monsters living in their pants or drawers that are secretly eating holes in their socks and underwear. I mean seriously, who gets that many holes in a pair of underwear? Despite the fact that we all need socks and underwear I am a firm believer in making them fun and unique. I love to choose necessities that have a fun look to them to make them more exciting. The Boy’s Store carries several fun lines of underwear and socks from brands like Country Kids, Melton, Nowali, Zoocchini, and Trimfit. These items make excellent stocking stuffers during the holiday time, so check them out at The Boy’s Store now! Christmas must haves #1 Christmas must haves #2 Christmas must haves #3 Christmas must haves #4

Boys Underwear and Socks

We all have to wear socks and underwear, but most of the time they can be B-O-R-I-N-G! Who says that only girls and women get to have fun and exciting socks and underwear? Why can’t little boys think their boring essentials are fun too? Socks can be cool, trendy, and functional. Just because you wear your underwear underneath your clothes doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good! That is why here at The Boy’s Store we feature brands that know how to make those boring everyday essentials, fun, cool, and turn them into things boys WANT to wear!

UK Flag Sleeveless Tank and Underwear Set by Apollo: this great set comes in navy blue and gray. The look is trendy and fun and yet simple and comfortable enough to wear all the time. Boys will love that it is a set and that just like Dad they can now be ready to go in style.


Triassic Dinosaur Socks by Country Kids: these fun socks will make any boys day roarsome! Socks don’t have to just be functional they can also be fun, and nothing is more fun that a bunch of dinosaurs.


Boxer Shorts by Appaman: Featuring the Appaman monkey logo these boxer shorts look just as grownup and cool as Dads. Boys will love that they are cool enough to have boxers, and even cooler that they feature one of the trendiest brands favorite logos.


Video Games Socks Triple Pack by Jefferies Socks: video games are synonymous with boys. So why not feature them on socks. That is one way to make your kids put socks on, cover them in the coolest thing ever created.