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Traveling With Kids: Summertime Traveling Tips

Summertime brings travel time. We love family vacations, even if as parents we may feel we need a vacation to get over the vacation. After all, traveling with kids can be difficult. That is why we are going to try and give you some quick travel tips that may help making traveling a little easier and less stressful.


Keeping kids happy on long trips is difficult, whether you are on a plane, train, or in a car. There is no one thing that works for all kids. That’s why it is a great idea to have an arsenal of activities ready at your disposal.

1. Snacks and Treats. Hungry kids are not happy kids! Make things easier by keeping ready made snacks with you at all times. Small things like crackers, nuts, pretzels, popcorn, granola, and fruit are easy to grab and go. If you want more variety bring a little cooler. You can add yogurts, cheese, sandwiches, etc. if you are traveling by plane it is nice to have something for the kids to chew on during takeoff and landing as it can help with ear drum pressure. Gum is an excellent idea if your kids can have it, otherwise try pretzels or crackers.

2. Try to do you biggest leg of your trip during a time when the kids will sleep. Fly at night, drive at night, or in the very early morning.

3. Activities arsenal is the trick here. Coloring pages, books, Madlibs, puzzles, travel board games, small toys. Anything to keep them busy and happy.

4. Gadgets Galore. When the activities lose their appeal have a movie handy, a video game, iPads, iPhones, tablets, laptops, and portable video players are a parents Bestfriend. Load them with children’s movies, apps, games, music, and books. When the kids are getting cranky and tired break them out. These can be e perfect last ditch effort to maintain calm.

Traveling can be very stressful without kids, with kids it is twice as difficult. But try to remember the fun you will all have when you finally arrive. It may be hard going, but in the end you can all relax and have fun together.


Summer Time Fun: Educational Family Outings

Do you plan fun things for your entire family during the summer? Or do you just let your kids hangout and enjoy their time off? As moms we have to think about ways to occupy our kids during some long summer months, but summer isn’t just a time for kids to be off, it is sometimes a chance for families to get together and spend a little time together. You know parents need days off too? Yes we do! While we don’t always get the time off that our kids get it is nice to take a day, or even a couple of days off and spend some time relaxing, and spend some quality time with our family.


In our house we usually do at least one family vacation during the summer. Sometimes it is a simple camps trip, a few days at the beach, or a trip to visit family and enjoy a different town for a few days. However this year the budget is a bit low, and time is too. So we have been researching fun things to do in our own area. We have considered a picnic trip to the beach, a day at the water park, and a day at the museum. We are fortunate enough to live near a large city that features a Natural History Museum, Art Museum, Children’s Museum, Science Museum, and Observatory. Now attending all of these places would probably get expensive, and be very time consuming. So we are trying to find the place that is best suited to us at tho a point. We have young children under the age of 6. So we think the Science museum which is very interactive, and the Children’s museum which is also interactive would be our biggest bang for our buck.

20140430-084756.jpgScience Museum: our science museum features aeronautics, space, motion, and even special exhibits for sea, nature, and history. The kids can try experiments of their own, stand in jets, test the theory of motion, and interact with scientists. It is a day of fun, education, and action.

Children’s Museum: this is like a giant play place. There are all sorts of real world displays, including jobs and adult role play like veterinarians, Doctors, pilots, grocery stores, etc. kids get to try on real world roles, interact and learn as they go. There are art galleries where the kids can paint and learn about real artists.

No matter which place we go we are excited for everyone to interact and have fun learning and spending time together. What are your summer plans? Do hugely include any family together time? What activities can you and your family do together in your hometown?

Travel Tips

For those of us who love to travel bringing back a souvenir is part of the fun though a plastic trinket is not what I usually seek. A more meaningful keepsake which will bring a smile to your face as you remember the good times is what I had in mind.

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Fill a clear jar with small items you collected in the area like stones, shells, twigs, nuts. It will look beautiful and unique as a bookend on your shelf
  • Gather paper scraps like tickets stubs, museum maps, restaurant business cards and create a collage placemat you can use at home. Laminate it for longer, more frequent use
  • Have your child draw things he sees (buildings, landscapes, hotel room…) or his favorite parts of the trip. Add a few commentary, frame and display as art
  • Send special vacation postcards home with stories on the back to make into a “story book” by putting them in a photo album with clear sleeves
  • Have older kids keep a travel journal with comments on the weather and daily activities. Short commentaries are usually sufficient to bring good memories flooding back

Feel free to add a comment with some of your own ways to remember your family vacations