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Best Books: Trapped In a Video Game

Do you have a kid that loves video games but isn’t very interested at reading? We may have found the perfect book series for them! Trapped in a Video Game is an incredible series that follows the young Jesse Rigsby as he navigates his way through the harsh years of adolescence with one major complication — a video game character is trying to kill him.

Jesse and his best friend Eric have discovered a new game, Full Blast, and cannot wait to try it. However, they find themselves sucked directly in to the game and find they have to play to survive when a mysterious figure begins to follow them and kill them.

The series contains 5 books and each book contains an interactive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) section at the end that allows readers to learn and understand binary coding and algorithms. Now they can understand how their favorite games function and start learning how to create their own video games. One series is helping them to not only nurture a love for reading but also give them the opportunity to learn and practice STEM activities at home for fun!

Best Boy Books: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie


If you have a son under the age of 13 you know exactly what I am talking about. If you don’t, you may need to check it out. Minecraft is a VERY popular game with boys. It allows players to design and construct their own 3D box world which they can then explore, craft, gather and eventually use combat methods in with other players, zombies, etc. It is so popular that it has spawned an entire merchandise line, television show, and even books. So this month we want to highlight a series of books that any Minecraft lover will want. Diary of a Minecraft Zombie. This series follows a middle school Minecraft Zombie through his daily life. It is rife with funny video game references and will keep your little player in stitches. It gives a fun diary style insight into the world of a 12-year-old Minecraft zombie. Readers/players will be surprised how similar their life and the zombies lives actually are. Diary of a minecraft¬†zombie ¬†is a fun and fairly straightforward read for readers 7-12. The series features nearly 17 books and they are available in paperback, hardback, and Kindle edition. Minecraft zombie These fun and quirky books may just encourage readers that would rather play video games than read to look at a book and see what it has to offer. By adapting their favorite game and giving human emotions to the familiar characters it encourages players to take a deeper look at their game, and themselves, all while keeping the pleasantly entertained.

The Great Screen Debate

How many moms and dads out there let their kids watch TV? Who lets their kids play on the computer? The iPad or tablet? Video Games? The great screen debate has become a huge topic amongst parents far and wide. Why? Because m,any studies show that increased screen time can decrease a child’s sleep time, reduce their creative and independent thought processes, and decrease their attention span. So what is your spin on the screen debate?

In our house we do have all of the above. As a blogger, teacher, and Grad student I have an iPhone, iPad, and computer. My husband plays video games occasionally, but as a technology buff and specialist his favorite “toy” is his home theater with its 118 inch screen and quality sound system. Of course our kids enjoy watching movies and TV shows int here, who wouldn’t? But we try to limit their exposure to the screen in all forms to just a few hours a day.

Of course there are days that they spend way more time than others in front of the screen. This last week we were all sick, and spent the entire day on the couch curled in blankets with tissues watching cartoons together. But is this a daily occurrence? No. Our children are too young to have their own cell phones, but they do have old phones of ours that hold learning apps, books, and games they can play while we travel or if we are out somewhere and they need to keep busy (ie long lines at the bank, doctor office, etc.)

We have friends who do not allow their kids to watch TV at all. We think that’s great, but we love TV ourselves and just cannot tell them they cannot do something and we can. We respect our friends choice to keep their kids from watching TV, and do not allow their kids to watch at our house unless their parents have given us the OK.

So now let’s take a poll, how many parents actually let their kids watch TV? How many hours a day? Whose child has a cell phone? How old are they? Do you let your kids play with a tablet/computer/video game system? Why or why not?