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Easy Meals: Sausage, Pepper, and Rice Skillet

My kids go back to school today which means that I will be busy. Back to school means back to practice. We will have to rush home from school to do snack, homework, and then rush off to practice and come home late in the dark and the cold. We will need to have something simple for dinner in order to get everyone showered and ready for bed to do it all over again tomorrow.

I don’t know about your family, but after long breaks from school my kids have a hard to readjusting to their routine. So I know this week will be hard. Which is why I have made sure to plan our meals for the week. Tonight we will be making this delicious and simple meal from Life Made Simple Bakes. This skillet meal will make sure we we eat well without taking forever to cook.

I love the recipe because it is simple, but also because I can alter it to fit my needs. Since we will be arriving home late I do not want to cook rice. Instead I will substitute instant rice, my kids love wild rice and I find it is best to use meals they love when reintroducing them to a rough schedule. So I will sub wild rice to make it not only faster to cook but also more enticing to my kids who will already be tired, cold, and grumpy after an hour long practice in near freezing temperatures.

This meal will make it much easier for me to get everyone ready and fed with minimal fighting. Hey, life isn’t perfect and readjusting to a new schedule is hard on everyone. So thank you
Life Made Simple Bakes for giving me a meal that will make at least one thing a little easier!

Be sure to head on over to see the full recipe!

Easy Weeknight Meals: Copycat Meximelts

We love Mexican food at this house. Mexican restaurants are our go to for family dinners out, and as much as I hate to admit it, we love the drive thru at places like Taco Bell. We try to only go as a real, not a routine outing. So we love it when we find incredibly cool ladies like Parrish who are whiz-kids in the kitchen and can cultivate that same drive-thru taste for us to create at home. Parrish is an awesome work-at-home mom, and blogger of Life With The Crust Cut Off. She knows how hard it is to wrangle kids, keep a house going, and get dinner ready every night. But she is ready to go with excellent smile recipes like this one. Not only is it tasty, it is so incredibly fast to make. We tested it on a night when we had dance class and Gymboree and it worked out fabulously. So we know it can be an excellent addition to your “fast-food” arsenal. Be sure to check out Life With The Crust Cut Off for more incredibly easy and delicious recipes for the future. Copycat-Meximelts What You Will Need:
  • 1 pound ground beef
  • 1 envelope taco seasoning or homemade equivalent
  • 8 oz pepperjack shredded
  • 8 oz cheddar or colby shredded
  • 8-10 tortillas
  • Pico de gallo -store bough or homemade
Head on over to Life With The Crust Cut Off for some easy step-by-steps pictures and the full tutorial. Bon appetit!

Weeknight Meals: Southwest Chicken Skillet

Weeknight are always crazy, that’s why we make it a priority to share a fun weeknight meal with you all every month. It makes life a little easier when you kids actually eat there dinner and like it. But as parents we are sometimes a little too busy to search for fun, tasty, yet simple dishes to try every week. Well, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

We found this fun dish, Southwest Chicken Skillet, at Persnickety Plates by Melissa. A fellow blogger mom who KNOWS how difficult it is to work, take care of everyone, and cook a good dinner. That is why she shares great recipes just like this one on her blog everyday. Now you can check out some of her favorite dishes and try them at home too. Just hurry on over to her blog now to see some great ideas.

We are so excited to try this one that it is going to make an appearance at home tonight! So while we try it on our kiddos we are very excited to hear how it went with your own kiddos? Comment below and let us know just how it went.

What You Will Need:

1 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts (or tenders) cut into small pieces
salt, pepper, Montreal chicken seasoning, red pepper flakes
1 Tablespoon (or so) olive oil
1 cup uncooked rice
10 oz can RoTel diced tomatoes & green chilies
8 oz can tomato sauce
1 cup water
handful of shredded Mexican cheese blend
Sour cream for topping

Now just head on over to Persnickety Plates for wonderful how-to for the rest of the recipe. While you are there check out some of Melissa’s other great weeknight meal ideas. You won’t be disappointed!