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Hats with Style: Wugbug for Baby Boys

With these hats by Wugbug, boys can have style too!! Even our littlest boys! Wugbug knows that we want our little guys to have style. They also want to help save the world when they bring us style. How do they do that you may ask? Simple. USA Made. By making things locally they do not need to export or import materials which cuts down on the use of fuel, traveling, and pollution. It also keeps jobs here in the USA and ensures that proper precautions are taken in production. So your little guys end up stylish, all while making a difference in the world.

Check out this incredibly cool slouch baby boy hats by Wugbug.

Baby Boys Bee Hats by Wugbug: This fun yellow slouch hat features a sweet little bee on the front. This hat is fun and functional for little ones that need to stay covered up for warmth or just for the added style.

hats by wugbug

Baby Boys Owl Hats by Wugbug: Another adorable Wugbug option, this one features a pair of outstanding owls on a green slouch hat. Who has style? We do!


Baby Boys butterfly Hats by Wugbug: Boys like butterflies too! This grey slouch hat brings this beautiful butterfly to life.



The Land of Dinosaurs: The Boy’s Store Celebrates Jurassic World

Boys love Dinosaurs, scratch that, everyone loves Dinosaurs. There is just something magical and fierce about them. Humanity has been obsessed with these oversized, and sometimes overly-small-sized, beasts since the first skeleton was found so many decades ago. When we were kids, I know we try not to think about how long ago that was either, a pretty incredible blockbuster (now thats a blast from the past!) premiered, Jurassic Park. What started to as just an idea became one of the most recognized trilogies in all of movie making history. This month marks its fantastic return o the big screen with a brand new movie and brand new dinosaur. For this of you with boys old enough to watch this incredible movie, and those just excited to celebrate with new dinosaur tees, we have some pretty special looks featuring the world’s most famous beasts.

City Threads Boy’s Dino Silhouettes Shirt: This red short sleeved tee features the silhouettes of Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and the Pterodactyl. Some of the most recognized dinosaurs in the world grace the front of this fun and outrageous shirt. Your boys will love wearing it and sharing their incredible knowledge of dinosaurs.



City Threads Boy’s Comic Dino Shirt: This orange tee features a red t-rex wrecking havoc on the street. As he stomps the cars and runs rampant on the city he makes comic sounds like smash and thud. Younger boys will love this comic shirt as it displays what they love about dinosaurs, carnage and chaos.




Dinosaurs Shirt by WugBug Clothing: This red short sleeved shirt features some of the smaller dinosaurs, Velociraptors, but don’t let their side fool you. These little guys could do some damage, they were fierce and their small stature just made them seem less terrifying to predators that soon discovered they were not in for an easy meal. Boys will love the fun yet ferocious little dinosaurs for their strength. After all, great things come in small packages.




Teaching Togs Boy’s Dinosaurs Shirt: Available in two different colors, red and black, this shirt features 5 different dinosaurs and gives the proper names and spelling of each species. Perfect for young boys looking to improve their knowledge of their favorite dinos, or those looking to share their dinosaur prowess with the world.




Jurassic World comes out June 12th for those of you with boys that are just itching to hurry over to Jurassic Park.

Great New Styles: Wugbug Collection

This month at The Boy’s Store we are excited about our new Wugbug Collection. Wugbug is a great brand that focuses on making organic clothing in the USA. All of the Wugbug Collection is hand-dyed with phthalate-free ink and low-impact dyes and feature only the highest fine-combed organic cotton. Wugbug takes their inspiration from nature. That is why their fantastic styles highlight grand elements of nature, including bugs and insects, animals, and plants and foliage in nature.

Like most great brands they started small, but before long they became quite the craze and that is why we are so impressed with them this month. So head on over now to check our incredible tees with bold colors and prints that will make your boys bug out with excitement!

Frog Shirt by Wugbug Clothing: This aqua blue short-sleeved tee features a fantastically fun print of a frog on its lily pad late at night. The bugs are out and flying around and the stars are twinkling bright. Boys will love this froggy tee and its serene yet playful print.


Honeybee Shirt by Wugbug Clothing: This bright yellow short-sleeved tee is screaming wear me! The honeycomb screen print is fun and features an enormous honeybee. It is vibrant and very fun and just a little sweet too.


Mantis Shirt by Wugbug Clothing: This vibrant green long-sleeved tee is the perfect look for fall. The mysteriously majestic mantis is front and center. Boys love Praying Mantis’ because they are strong looking, fierce, and yet serene all at the same time. This majestic mantis appears to be the king of the insects on this great tee and will certainly be the king of the closet as well!


We are in love with all the great new looks from Wugbug and we cannot wait for our friends to see all of the great styles we are now carrying from Wugbug. So scurry on over to The Boy’s Store and check them out!