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Mom Hacks: Kids That Listen

Listening. That almost seems like a mom’s wishlist. It can be difficult, nay impossible sometimes to get your kids to pay attention to you, let alone actually have kids that listen and hear what you want them to do. With young kids, I find it is even more difficult. My toddler is especially hard, but my 5-year-old who usually listens well has recently begun regressing in the “paying attention” area.

Every child is different and it can be so hard to find what works for every child. What works for one of my kids does not work for another one of my kids. So I have learned to pick and choose my battles and to pay attention to my child’s specific needs.

Another tool I have found useful is changing the way I speak and listen as well. As an adult I don’t enjoy being told what to do, I like being told why I am doing something. So when I speak to my children I try to remember they are not inferior, they are not robots, they are people. They also happen to be smaller versions of me. So I keep in mind my own temperament when I try to address issues with them.

All of this can be hard to do when you are pressed for time, tired, or frustrated yourself. So Let’s remember to take a step-back and breathe. There are some fabulous strategies and tips on Youtube from Child Specialists. Try checking them out as well and adding what works for you and your family.

Here are a few great Youtube Channels:

Dana Obleman What to do when kids won’t listen

Ted Talks How to Get Kids to Listen  

Debbie Zeichner Gentle Tips for Getting Kids to Listen

We would for you to comment below with your strategies on how you managed to have kids that listen.

Mommy Needs Time Too!

IMG_0833.JPGEvery day we work hard for our family. Whether we work full-time, part-time, or full-time with no breaks as stay-at-home moms we are always going, working, thinking, caring, and helping everyone but ourselves. Which is usually ok with us, it’s what moms do, we were built for it. But after a while it can wear you down. You find yourself more tired than usual, getting sick easier, you find you just don’t have the patience for things you normally do. It’s called mommy burnout. We all suffer from it from time to time. It can be very hard to overcome, especially since the only way to remedy it is to take time for ourselves and recharge. I don’t know about you guys but I have an especially hard time taking time for me. I always feel like the re is something else I should be doing. Someone who needs me, something that needs to be done. I also frequently will leave things that I want or need off our list of things we need to do in favor of doing or getting something for someone else like my kids, my hubby, my parents, even the dogs! But after a particularly bad burnout period this last year I decided it was time to take care of myself. So I have devoted time every day to just me and I spend my time sweating and taking care of myself. Workout!

I hate the gym, I hate feeling as if I am on display, I can never find a way to get there everyday, and I hate the smell. I have always enjoyed being active but usually from the comfort of my own home or out in the great outdoors. Recently I have taken up doing circuit workouts, running, and cardio dance workouts. I alternate them during the week, sometimes gauging how much time I have for my workout that day due to other priorities, but I always do at least one workout a day 5 days a week. The kids are at school, or playing in the other room, sometimes they actually do the workout with me. My kids especially love the circuit workout because they can help lift small weights, but they love to dance too.

I found some incredibly easy to follow and fun Denise Austin workouts on YouTube for free. They make it easy for me to do my workout during the day when I can and it doesn’t cost me an expensive gym membership, gas, or child care. The BeFit Channel on YouTube is full of fun easy workouts that are relatively short and can be done at home. Which is great for busy moms that need to take the time to take care of themselves.

I do these workouts so that I am stronger, fitter, and healthier, it is my one hour or 30 minutes of me time. My quiet time to shut off my brain, recharge, and think of only me. It keeps me healthy in mind, body, and spirit. I can give up my daily struggles and my schedule for a short time and focus on nothing but me. I listen carefully and follow instructions while breathing and finding some quiet place within. It feels great. Now I have the patience and energy to chase around my busy brood day in and day out. I have even found that I have more energy and strength to chase my kids, participate in their outdoor activities, I can carry more things in when I bring in the groceries, I am not winded climbing the stairs everyday, and yes I even feel better about myself. I feel stronger, more confident, and more comfortable in my own skin. As a woman that always struggled with self-confidence issues it makes me feel good that I can feel good in my own skin. Since I am a role-model for all of my kids I am glad they are seeing me take the time to take care of myself. They don’t see me complaining about my appearance, or refusing to eat something because it will go to my hips. They see me working hard, hitting goals, and trying. I am not only taking time for myself I am showing them how to do things for themselves, take care of huge selves, be strong, confident, and not give up. It is important to remember that they watch everything we do, so if they see us wearing ourselves that thin they will think it is normal and do it as well. So think about finding a way to take some time for yourself, everyday, you need it, you deserve it.

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Family Fun: Lava Night

Looking for something fun to do as a family Saturday night? Why not pretend that your whole house has been ravaged by the world’s largest volcano. You are all trapped inside and you cannot step on the ground or you will melt from the hot lava. Kids will love the fun game of trying not to step on the ground. Use everything you can think of, pillows, cushions, couches, but whatever you do don’t get burned alive.

This fun night would make for a great theme. Not only should you all avoid the ground but you cold also watch a volcano movie, and make a sweet volcano treat. Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies are perfect for a night filled with lava. Check out Kevin & Amanda a great foodie blog for the perfect lava treat.

The movie Volcano is perfect for older kids that won’t be afraid of graphic scenes (PG-13 rating) but Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch also features a volcano and it’s goddess and is much more age appropriate for younger viewers (G rating.)

Volcano night gives you the chance to show your kids what can happen during a natural disaster. They do not want to touch the Lava because it is hot and will burn them. So why not use Sunday as a follow up to the fun volcano night to teach your kids what to do if there were a disaster, say a fire. Help them to understand how to get out of the house, get help, and call 911. Kids do well with plans and visual aides so try checking out this great YouTube video Super Smart Safety Rules for Kids and if you find it useful share it with your kids during the fire safety talk. It teaches children how to react to a fire. When you are done go through your house with your kids, show them the smoke detectors, the fire extinguisher, and write a list of emergency numbers. Help them by showing them how to escape the house. Get down on your knees with them and show them how to get out. If you have a two-story house consider purchasing a hanging ladder to hang from a window for an easy escape if there is a fire. Make sure it is stashedmnear the window that will be used and practice with your children climbing out so that they know what to do.

By combing these two days together you show your children the importance of being safe. They associate the fear of the hot lava with the fear of a real fire and begin to understand the importance of a plan. So if you and your family have some spare time this weekend and want to have fun, but also want to teach your children something important consider your own volcano weekend.