Egg Hunt Level: Expert

Are you looking to make the Easter Egg hunt a little more difficult this year? Those brightly colored eggs make the egg hunt way too easy. Why not make it a little bit harder for those eggs to be found? If you have older kids, or even younger kids good with a challenge, you may […]


When Pets Leave Us

Recently my family had to put down our dog. Our dear sweet girl was 16 years old, and my husband and I had raised her since she was 6 weeks old. At the time we were just two young teenagers fresh out of high school. We were dating, not anticipating that we would one day […]


Easter Ideas

Easter is just around the corner now. You may have already started gathering ideas for baskets this year, but if you haven’t we have a few Easter ideas for different age groups that might help you in your last minute shopping. You can make Easter baskets with simple items. While many parents like to steer […]