Adventurous at Make at Home Dinner: Poke Bowls

Recently our kids have been excited to try new and exciting foods. Our kidd love Sushi, but it can get expensive taking little kids to Sushi dinners. So instead we recently tried a local Poke place that the kids LOVED. We enjoy teaching the kids how to make their own food and we decided to […]


Avengers: End Game Party

Our family loves Marvel Comics. We have seen all of the Marvel movies and are waiting impatiently for the final Avengers movie. So if you are like us you may just be planning something fun this weekend. We are planning a marathon of the previous Avengers movies on Friday night through Saturday at home, then […]

Activities General

Science at Home: Geodes

If there is one thing in this life I am certain of it is that two things never change: kids love dinosaurs and kids love rocks. You can find just about any child under the age of 8 and ask them a question about a rock or a dinosaur and no matter what you will […]