Dealing with Kids with Big Hearts

We have a birthday party coming up in our house. Our youngest will have his first birthday party where he invites his classmates. Our school has a rule that if you are inviting students from the classroom you have to invite everyone. My other children have never had an issue with this, but my youngest […]

boys clothing

Sleepwear sale!!

A sleepwear sale just before the holidays is the perfect way to stock up on gifts. Pajamas are the ultimate comfort item. They can be long, short, playful, and serious. If I could live in an outfit it would be pajamas. My kids love fun and outrageous pajamas. Especially during the holidays when they can […]


Halloween Craft: 3D Werewolf Art

Art is a fantastic way to celebrate a holiday. As a parent, I love creating art with my kids, it allows me to create memories and remember them forever. I usually save my favorite art pieces my children make and I use them as decorations for my favorite holidays. I have dozen of art pieces […]