Thanksgiving Table: Kids Table

One of my favorite parts of hosting the holidays is getting to do something fun for the kids. As a child, I remember the kids’ table sometimes felt like we were being banished. We were way off in the corner, I was the oldest of all of the kids, and I felt that I was […]

Food & Recipes

Thanksgiving Potluck Appetizer

We are only days away from our Thanksgiving vacation at my kids’ school. This year the lower grades are having a potluck to celebrate and learn about the first Thanksgiving. I have to bring a potluck appetizer for my children to share. I usually bring something like a veggie tray, but that has already been […]


Thanksgiving Facts

Looking for some fun ways to impress the people at your table this thanksgiving? Here are some fast Thanksgiving facts that will impress and baffle your guests. Why not wow them with your vast, and seemingly useless, knowledge of not only thanksgiving but turkeys as well. Thanksgiving facts: The first Thanksgiving was held in the […]