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BabyMio: Baby Gift

Spring is here and that usually means that baby showers are happening. While babies are born all year long, they seem to be more prevalent during the spring. It must be that most moms do not want to be pregnant during those long hot summer months. Just me? Well, if you have ever been pregnant in 100 degree heat you would wish for a spring baby too. Babymio is an excellent brand that creates fun and adorable baby items, the perfect gift for that baby shower you have coming up.

Babymio offers fun gifts like blankets, toys, and bibs that will keep baby soothed, covered, and happy. Which usually keeps mommy soothed, covered, and happy! And after all, if mom is happy, everyone is happy.

Giraffe Bib by Babymio: This fun little bib features a small baby giraffe on the left hand side of the bib. Covered in animal print, this bib is wild with cuteness.

BabyMio baby gift 1

Monkey Bib by Babymio: who doesn’t like to monkey around? This sweet bib features a small monkey and is covered in soft fuzzy texture. Baby and mommy will love the softness.

BabyMio baby gift 2

Giraffe Tag-a-long Blanket by Babymio: Tag-a-long blankets seem to be incredibly popular now. Babies love the softness and the adorable little animals, in this case a giraffe, because they make it easier to hold and play with. Moms love that they are easy to pack and take anywhere.

BabyMio baby gift 3

Monkey Tag-a-long Blanket by Babymio: The perfect gift for a baby shower, add it to the bib and gift the perfect gift-set. Monkey plush is the new black!

BabyMio baby gift 4

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