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Alphabet Treasure Hunt


As Moms we are always looking for some fun activities to keep our boys busy during the summer, but what we love even more is when those activities are educational. It is incredible to see our boys out having fun while learning something new, especially if they don’t even realize they are learning. This month we want to highlight an incredibly fun activity that can take place indoors or outdoors during the summer break, let your kids have an Alphabet Treasure Hunt.

We scouted the world of boy blogs this month and found a great new gem of boy blog, Boys Germs. Boys Germs is a blog created and run by Mom of three boys, Alana. Boys Germs features great style ideas, activities, and other great boy themed fun. So make sure you check out Boys Germs for some great ideas for you and your boys!

An Alphabet Treasure Hunt is fun and simple. Lt your boys look all over the house and yard for items, toys, clothes, colors, or objects that begin with each letter in the alphabet. Make a collection spot for each letter. You can use magnetic letters, paper letters, or even draw the alphabet on the driveway with chalk. Let your kids bring a new item for each letter and place it under its corresponding letter. The possibilities are endless.

A= apple, art
B= bubbles, bag
C= candle, coppertone sunblock

You and your kids will be busy for hours finding all sorts of different objects. With each object your kids will learn more about spelling, and letter/word recognition. Each time you play the game a different object can be found, it is an ever-changing and evolving game. Now talk about a good time! So go ahead and give an Alphabet Treasure Hunt a try and see how much fun it can be, and don’t forget to check out Boys Germs for other great ideas.

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