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Curiosity Mars Landing

The rover Curiosity has landed on Mars

Curiosity Mars Landing

Last night The United States of America made history after landing the newest Mars Rover, Curiosity, on the surface of Mars. This new Mars Rover is just the beginning of a mission that will hopefully give the USA a better understanding of life on Mars by studying the climate of Mars and the geology of Mars. After its momentous landing at 10:31 PM PST on August 5th it began streaming photos of the Red Planet back home to Earth. This morning the world woke up to the visual proof of the Curiosity rover with a picture of its feet landing on the surface. But what does all this mean to us as parents? Well it can mean a lot of questions.

A lot of kids are going to be wondering if this means there are Martians on Mars? Can we travel to Mars? What is it like on Mars? These are questions most parents will have no idea how to answer, unless they work for NASA. So instead of giving your kids a clueless, “I don’t know,” why not take them straight to the source! Nope not Mars, but NASA.


MarsMobile, a site created by NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory, features footage of Curiosity’s landing. You’ll see images it is transmitting, and all the information about Mars you and your kids will ever need. It also features games for your kids to play to help them better understand and feel connected to the Mars Rover. Your kids can learn how Curiosity was made, check on its progress, and read diaries from real Martians, or at least the people working on the project who call themselves Martians.

This is a chance to not only teach your kids about an incredible part of history, science, and our future it is also a chance to interact with them and have some good ole Martian fun!

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