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DIY Instrument: Water Xylophone

DIY Instrument: Water Xylophone

Kids love to play and listen to music. Music is an excellent learning activity, it helps to build creativity, cognitive development, and helps to teach kids that learning does not necessarily mean that something is boring, it can be fun. What is so fun about music is that anything can make music. Your kids can create a drum from a tin can, an oatmeal container, or some pots and pans. A guitar can be a box with some rubber bands or strings. But how do you make a xylophone? Well xylophones can be one of the most exciting musical instruments to play and make. It’s beautiful tinkling music is reminiscent of a piano, sweet and mild. You would assume it would be difficult to make and duplicate such a beautiful sound, but with a little imagination, and a little water, it. Is simple and fun.

We found this great tutorial on creating your very own water xylophone at home a Play At Home Mom. Play at home Mom is a great site that features many different collaborators on its blog including moms, dads, educators, and therapists. This great collection of people create some amazing blogs about fun activities and crafts for kids, learning activities, they also give advice and reviews on books, foods, and childhood/parenting issues. It is an excellent site full of many useful tools for moms and dads. This month we want to highlight their incredible water xylophone. So feel free to check out their incredible tutorial, and while you are there peruse their site for some other great inspiration and motivation to help with all things kid related!

What You Will Need:

5 or 6 glasses
Food coloring
A wooden spoon

What You Will Do:

1. First take your glasses and fill them with water at different levels. Begin small, then add a little more water to each glass.
2. Use your food coloring to make each glass a different color. Tis is mostly for visual appeal.
3. Now get your wooden spoon and use it as your musical instrument. Clink it gently against each glass and listen as it makes a different and unique sound each time. Now you and your kids can create your own little symphony. Practice clinking each glass in a different order, you will get a new beautiful sound every time.

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