DIY Snow-globes!

DIY Snow-globes!

Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean that you have to put away all your favorite winter decorations. Sure Snow-globes are very popular during the holidays but they are excellent expressions of the wonderful winter world so why not keep them out all winter long? You can even make your own winter Snow-globe. This Snow-globe craft is simple, fun, and leaves you with a beautiful piece of art that you can enjoy all winter long!

We found the perfect tutorial for baby food jar snow-globes at a great craft blog entitled U Create Crafts. This great blog is written and managed by Kari and Becky. These two mom crafters love to share their incredible ideas on all things creative. Together they write and manage a blog that focuses on all things crafty from glue crafts, to sewing, and cooking. They share fun activities and crafts that include awesome easy-to-follow tutorials for others to follow. This month we want to highlight their incredible baby food jar snow-globes.

What You Will Need:

  • Baby food jars (you can also use small mason jars, or regular mason jars)
  • Plastic toys that will fit into your jar
  • Glitter
  • Silicone Sealant
  • Glue Gun
  • Water

You will want to pick an object or item that you love. You can also make an incredible snow scene with small figurines from a hobby lobby or similar store. Then all you need to do is check out the incredible step-by-step tutorial created by Kari and Becky. Their pictures make the steps easy-to-follow and understand. This is a great craft for your boys to get involved in. They can create snow-globes that feature their favorite sport, tv show, movie, or hobby. The possibilities are endless. They also make an excellent keepsake. With Christmas just over you can even use a small toy that your son has outgrown but doesn’t want to give up yet. Now he can keep it forever as a special keepsake.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible tutorial and many others at U Create Crafts!

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