DIY: Watercolor Snowflakes!

Art is a window in to my soul. It helps to bring joy and light in to the world and makes my house bright and festive during the holidays. As a teacher I get two weeks break during the holidays, and that means I spend my time soaking up my own kids and enjoying holiday traditions. One of our biggest traditions is creating holiday themed art together.

This year I wanted to do some fun snow themed art. As SoCal natives we do not get much snow. However, we recently had a huge (in SoCal standards) storm hit us on Thanksgiving. It blanketed our roads, homes, and yards and steadily flurried all day long. It brought so much beauty to our little desert that I wanted to enjoy the beauty a little longer.

This sweet snowflake craft will allow us to enjoy the unique snowflakes all season long. With a little help from Teach Beside Me, we are going to craft ourselves some permafrost. We can even make them as special and unique as we want by adding some beautiful color! Head on over to Teach Beside Me now to get the full tutorial!

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