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Easter Time Craft: Cotton Ball Bunny


We love to find sweet little crafts that can make excellent learning activities as well as help you and your little one create incredible memories during the holidays. Toddlers are only little for a very short time, soon they are big kids that are too busy with their friends to spend any time with mommy and Daddy. So why not enjoy them now when they are still interested in us too.

Easter crafts are a lot of fun. Egg dye, basket making, painting, everything is fun. This year we want to share a fun craft that can also be a fun learning craft. Not many people own their own rabbit. The closest most kids come to a rabbit is probably sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap at the mall. You can use this craft to teach toddlers what a real bunny would feel like. Like the cotton balls a real bunny would be soft and fluffy. You could even use the soft cotton and associate it with other soft things. Create a little scavenger hunt after you are done, have your toddler look around the house for other things that are soft to the touch like the rabbit. Or have them find as many things as they can that are not like the soft cotton, rough things like carpet, smooth things like wood, hard things like tile. The possibilities are endless.

We found this great learning activity at a great blog called This wonderful website offers parents and teachers ideas for educational play, hands-on learning, and interactive learning that is done in both the concrete and abstract. Notimeforflashcards was created by Allison Mcdonald and has several contributing writers (both moms and teachers) that help to find and share wonderful activities, crafts, and other great learning resources for parents. We would like to share their Cotton Ball Bunny Activity with you and your family, but we also think you should check out their site for other great learning ideas.

What you Will Need:

Cotton balls

Head over to for the full Cotton Ball Bunny tutorial now!

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