Face Paint for Kiddos

This year my kids wanted to help at their school fall fundraiser. We get to choose a booth to run every year and of course, they wanted to run the face paint booth. I am not the greatest at painting. We also have a lot of children with allergies and skin sensitivities — my own kids included — so I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to find sensitive face paint. So I did a little research to make my own.

I found this great and simple recipe to make face paint out of cornstarch. Thank you to Pop Sugar for an easy and safe alternative.

homemade face paint

We even found some great ideas for face painting. Some of them are on the more difficult side. So You can pick which are easier for you. I enjoyed that I could print the images and use them as a reference while I painted. It also was an excellent way for the kids to see what they could choose to have painted.

face paint for kids

Overall we had a great time at the Fall Fundraiser. Our booth was pretty popular. The kids had a good time, and that is all we can ask for.

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