Favorite Summer Reading

Dangerous books for boys - a favorite summer reading bookThis book was my son’s favorite summer reading selection. The Dangerous Book for Boys was a bestseller in the United Kingdom in 2006. This intentionally old fashioned and politically incorrect guide book for dads and their sons. ┬áIt is a reminder of lore and technique not yet completely lost to the digital age. Dangerous Book for Boys should appeal to many boys, even more so if dad joins in.

Tongue-in-cheek humor emerges throughout, notably in the chapter called Girls. Recall adventures and historical battles; relearn how to do simple magic tricks, tie knots and much more.

You get a sense that by applying techniques shown in this book, a boy might be prepared for anything. It addresses the undeniable boy-appeal of certain facts and activities. Short chapters make it an easy and enjoyable read.

You can find other books of general interest to boys on The Boy’s Store’s books, games and toys page.

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