Halloween Traditions: McDonald’s Buckets

I know it sounds crazy, who would want to admit they take their kids to McDonald’s every year at the same time? In this crazy organic, gluten, and dairy free world what mother would admit to taking their kids for fast food? This one! Hear me out, its a treat, its childhood, its FUN!

My parents never took us for fast-food. There were too many of us and it was expensive. But on vacation and during October and December we got to go. Every year McDonald’s does a special Halloween bucket, and every holiday season they do some fun holiday toy or decoration for Christmas. This was a big deal for us. We still have those decorations on my parents tree. Those Halloween buckets were what we took to special events that Halloween at school, friends houses, etc. They were just the right size to fill with candy (not too much candy but not too little!)

I always treasured that time with my parents. So yes, every Halloween I take my kids to McDonald’s. This year they got come fun Charlie Brown themed buckets. They enjoyed decorating them together while they ate their nuggets and fries. And you know what? I loved hearing them giggle, watching them snack, and enjoying their time together for once without hearing the usual “he’s touching me!”

two McDonald's buckets McDonald's buckets

What special traditions do you have with your kiddos?

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