Holiday Hunger: Sweet Santa Pancakes

Holiday Hunger: Sweet Santa Pancakes

The holidays are a pretty big deal around here. We try to make them special, after all, our kids are only little once and we want to soak up all the sweet holiday memories we can while they are still interested in participating. We love to create fun dishes that will keep the kids interested in eating, make the meal seem extra special, and give us all a little laugh. For Christmas this year we found this really fun pancake idea on Tumblr. It is simple to make, easy to craft, and will make everyone smile on Christmas morning.

Our kids love pancakes, so this was a no brainer, but it would work just as well on waffles or French toast. Just keep the French toast whole instead of cutting it in half. We can make this fairly quickly Christmas morning without a whole lot of stress or time. Plus, we love the idea of cooking all together after opening presents.

What You Will Need:

Pancakes (or waffles or French toast)
Whip cream (we used whip in a can dairy free but you can use cool whip or anything you prefer)
Chocolate syrup

What You Will Do:

1. Take your pancake and place it on the plate. Slice your strawberries, first remove the stem then slice them in half.
2. Take your whip and make a line across the top of the pancake. Now place your strawberries flame side down and cover the top half above the whip line.
3. Next build a beard with your whip on the bottom half of the pancake, leave a blank space in the middle for santos face.
4. Now take your chocolate syrup and draw two eyes and a smile. Take a strawberry half and place it in the middle of the pancake for Santa’s nose.
5. Enjoy your sweet Santa pancake!

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