Netflix New Years Countdown!!

You may find that when you have kids you have your own schedule. This applies to practically everything, and most importantly of all, bedtime. Everyone is different. Our family tends to go to sleep early since we wake up early. This is just routine for us. We try not to enforce a bedtime at holiday time or break time, but it happens by habit. This means we are often ready for bed around 9PM. So New Years Eve can be a bit of a downer. Thank goodness Netflix says 9PM is the new midnight!

Netflix for the last 5 years has created special themed countdowns that can be played at anytime for any age group. They help you to ring in the new year with the proper countdown. We love this. It allows us to ring in the New Year with our kids and then get everyone to sleep. Then Mom and Dad can relax and see if we can make it to midnight. It has become tradition to have a great family meal and then crack a bottle of Apple Cider, grab some noise-makers, and pick our favorite Netflix countdown. We sometimes even do two because none of the kids can agree on just one! But it is fun and allows the kids to feel like they are part of the whole night. What countdown will you choose?

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