New Year!

A New Year is on its way. So many of us will be thinking of all of the wonderful things we want to have happen this year. Many adults will be writing their New Year’s Resolutions. But what about our kids? Shouldn’t they be thinking of all the great things they want to achieve, learn, see, and do this coming year. For once let’s not worry about changing ourselves, lets think of bettering ourselves.

Sit down with your family and with this fun printable you try planning some of the great things you want to do and learn this next year. Make it a family affair. You and your kids will learn more about yourselves and each other with just a little time together. Check out this printable and add whatever you want to it. Plan a family vacation where you go somewhere that you have never been and learn about other people and other places. Learn something together like a language, game, or sport.

Printable goal sheet:

New Year

Every day we have the opportunity to change who we are, not because we are unhappy with ourselves like so many new years resolutions seem to tell us, but because we want to better ourselves. This year make it possible by creating this list of all the things you wish to accomplish this year. You just might find yourself ready and excited for all the new things you will learn and do.

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