Paracord Bracelet Crafts for Boys!

Paracord bracelets are becoming a huge hit with boys. Many men and women in the military have worn these bracelets for years and now they are slowly trickling in to the boy world. There are many different kits available for at home use, if you are super crafty you can probably make it at home without a kit by just buying the paracord and making one at home. But if you and your boys are in need of a little help making it simpler to do you can check out these cool paracord bracelet craft kits available at Amazon.

Guy Gear Kits: this kit by ALEX toys is a simple kit with many different colors and ways to create a paracord bracelet. It is simple, fun and will make a great looking bracelet for boys everywhere.

Creativity for Kids Kit: another simple kit it teaches some interesting patterns for the paracord to make your bracelet stand out.

DIY tutorial: feeling super crafty? Try making your own. Check out this photo tutorial!

Paracord bracelet craft