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Shaving Cream Slip n’ Slide: Outdoor Fun


We know that sometimes kids can get very bored during the summer, and there is only so much money to go around to keep them busy and entertained all summer long. That’s why we like to find fun and cheap thrills that will keep our boys busy, preferably for hours but we take what we can get during the long summer. This month we found a fun and cheap way to keep those boys outside and happy for quote a long while.

Almost every town has a Dollar Tree or Dollar Store. These places are fabulous because you can pick up a lot of things for practically nothing at all. Which can come in handy when you need to occupy some kiddos on the cheap. And this months activity can be easily supplied on the cheap at any dollar store.

This month we found a great outdoor idea from blogger Jessie at Play.Create.Explore. She has a fun and outrageous activity that will let those crazy boys get down and dirty while sliding around and goofing around. She calls it Shaving Cream Slip N Side. All you need is a plastic table cloth, a can of shaving cream, and a few really bored boys. Soon your boys will be slipping, sliding, and even painting with the shaving cream.

What You Will Need:

Plastic Table Cloth
Shaving Cream

What You Will Do:

1. Lay out the plastic table cloth in your grass in the backyard.
2. Take the can of shaving cream and empty the whole thing out on the tablecloth.
3. Now let your boys go nuts and slip n slide till they can’t slip anymore!

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