Spring Craft: Egg Carton Frogs

Who says all spring crafts have to revolve around bunnies, chicks, and eggs? We have a craft for you that will keep with the spirit of spring but isn’t so a Easter-Centered. This fun craft is totally boy friendly. Is fun, easy to follow, and will leave you hopping for joy.

Egg Carton Frogs are an excellent boy spring craft. As parents we don’t always want real frogs frolicking through our house. But we can deal with a few little crafts if it makes our boys hoppy. What is so great about this craft? It is easy to do, is perfect for spring, and will make your boys feel like little frog kings themselves.

This incredible craft is brought to you by Crafty Morning, an incredibly crafty blog created and run by Michelle a crafter extraordinaire! Michelle loves to craft and has been sharing her crafts for years. She has an assortment of crafts, ideas, and activities for all sorts of decor, and even holidays. She is definitely gifted when it comes to creating fun crafts and tutorials. We are very excited to share this craft from her spring crafts and encourage you to check out her other incredibly easy tutorials.

Egg carton frogs

What You Will Need:

Egg carton

White, yellow, and red paper

Black and green paint



Hurry on over to Crafty Morning for some great photos and tutorial to follow along while you and your boys create these fantastic frogs. Feel free to get creative with them and add different colors to express your boys favorites. When you are all done display your little frog. You can even check out this website to talk about how frogs are born and develop. Or check out a great online reading of The Frog Prince. Enjoy!

Frog prince animated story:

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