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Toilet Paper Roll Toy Car Garage Craft

Toilet paper roll toy car garage

What boy doesn’t love his toy cars. There are usually dozens, if not hundreds of them all over the house. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a special place to store them? Like a garage? Well with this incredibly cool craft you and your boys can customize a totally awesome garage for their favorite cars.

Not only is this craft fairly easy and fun to create it will also help you get rid of some trash (and recycle it!) into a usable toy. Do you have some paper towel rolls lying around? Toilet paper rolls? A shoebox? Now is your chance to use them in a more efficient way, no more clogging up the trash bin. This is not only a great way to reuse something you would otherwise trash it also is a great teachable moment. You are showing your kids that you can always reuse things in new and different ways. Recycling isn’t just boring sorting in bins.

What You Will Need:

Toilet paper rolls
Paper towel rolls (however many you need for all of your cars, you can use either TP rolls or paper towel rolls or a mix of both. Just be sure to cut the paper towel rolls to size)
Shoe box or other cardboard box with lid
Paint (to customize your garage!)

What You Will Do:

1. Take your shoe box and cut the lid in half. Tape or glue both halves on the top and bottom of either end of the box opening side out.
2. Next start organizing your rolls. Decide how many you can fit across the width of your box. Then start gluing them to the bottom of the box, side-by-side. Leave a half in to inch gap between the walls and the bottom row of rolls. This way you can stack the next row on top.
3. Stack the next row so that there are two more rolls in this row than the one before. So that each roll rests between the two on the bottom.
4. With each row make sure you are resting the rolls into the two rolls beneath them, continue until all the rows are glued in.
5. Now that all the rows are glued in let them dry then you can paint or color on your garage to customize it.

Enjoy your cool new car garage by gathering up all your favorite cars and putting them in their brand new home. Now you will always know where your cars are and you have a spectacular way to display an incredible collection!

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