Turn Milk in to Plastic: Science Experiment

Science is such an interesting subject. So many things in our world are un-explainable to the naked eye, but if you apply a little science to what seems to be an amazing miracle, voila, you have the perfect explanation. This month we are sure that every mom and dad is beginning to feel the fear of summer. The Boredom. Boredom is synonymous with summer. Which doesn’t make sense, since there is so much to do. But boredom happens, and there are ways to bust that boredom during the summer months. This incredibly fun science experiment is the perfect way to bust the boredom of summer.

This fun science experiment comes from Sarah at How Wee Learn. How Wee Learn is a fantastic website with lots of ways to teach your kids from home. Whether they are preschool age, or school age. Kids learn best when parents get involved, so lets get involved! Let’s impress those kids with some out of this world experiments with milk and vinegar. How can milk and vinegar be so cool? Go check out the full tutorial from How Wee Learn and you will see the most amazing experiment where milk will actually turn in to PLASTIC!!

Science experiment

Head on over to How Wee Learn for the full tutorial and some amazing photos!

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