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Rain, Rain, Come Right Away: We Got Rain Coats!

Rain season is coming soon! SO be sure to have all your rain gear ready to go! The Boy’s Store has some fun rain coats this season for your boys. Boys love the rain, lets face it, all kids love rain. Why? You guessed it. Puddles, mud, MESS! There is something about messy things that just draw those kids in. But with these great raincoats at least their clothes will be protected from all that yuck and muck.

Kitestrings Boys’ Frog Raincoat:

Rain and water brings out the frogs! Dress your little frog in this fun rain coat all season long and he will blend right in with all the other amphibious creatures!

rain coats

Boys Raincoat by Pluie Pluie:

This sweet yellow raincoat just screams fun. Yellow, bright, and ready to jump. Let your little guy enjoy the rain and the mud in this bright sunshiney coat.

rain coats - yellow

Boys Raincoat by Pluie Pluie:

Blue may be a color of calm but your little guy will be anything but calm in this coat, let him run free, be wild, and jump to his hearts content in this blue slicker. There will be no stopping him now!

boys rain coats - blue