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Brand spotlight: Knuckleheads

Available starting this month is the great spring line of Knuckleheads. Founded in 2004 Knuckleheads is the perfect line for boys that offers much more than your average sweater and pants style variety. Knuckleheads offer quality clothing in all the current and hippest styles that everyone will love. Knuckleheads brings parents a stylish line that grows with their boys, no more boring and average looks that your son will outgrow in two months when his love for boats or animals change. The classic and hip style offered by Knuckleheads brings in bold patterns, great colors, and classic pieces that when combined lend a cool swagger to any young boy. This month The Boy’s Store has added some great spring styles from Knuckleheads that are sure to add fun and fashion to any cool guy’s wardrobe.

knucklehead lincoln shirtLincoln Shirt by Knuckleheads Clothing: A classic look that never goes out of style, this plaid shirt is in a great bold color combination of blue, black, and gold. It is a simple and casual shirt when worn with shorts, but can be dressed up with some great dark jeans. It is a great piece for a young guy that has an ever-changing mood and lifestyle.

knuckleheads Cha Ching PoloCha Ching Polo by Knuckleheads Clothing: Even Dad will be jealous of this shirt. The ecru and brown short sleeve polo is stylish and boho-chic. Your little guy will be the coolest kid on the playground in this simple shirt. Mom always said less is more, and with this simplistic style it is completely true.

knuckleheads greaser jeansGreaser Jeans by Knuckleheads Clothing: These rolled and cuffed jeans are so hip they have reappeared in the style world for the last 50 years. Your son may not know that this style is older than you, you will get a kick out of watching him discover cool when he sees these jeans. The joke is on him though, you have seen the style rocked for years, and he is just another of the cute boys that make these look good.

Knuckleheads Mob ShortsMob shorts by Knuckleheads Clothing: These charcoal gray pin striped shorts are the epitome of cool, especially when paired with these awesome Halleleujah suspenders by Knuckleheads Clothing and a white dress shirt, he will wow the girls at school with his prowess in the style department. No one will know his Mommy found this great outfit, and we certainly won’t spill the beans.

knuckleheads pin stripe fedoraPin Stripes Fedora by Knuckleheads Clothing: Top off any of the great styles from Knuckleheads with this great fedora. The plaid band and brown pinstripe add class and debonair to any look, your son may just be the next big thing in this great style, or at least look like the next big thing!

Knuckleheas clothing Buster HatBaggy Buster Hat by Knuckleheads Clothing: This hat is a great casual accessory to any outfit. It is cool and laid-back for those days out at the playground or a great way to complete a perfect outfit for a night out with the family or a friend’s birthday party. Your little man will have cool oozing out of his pores in this great hat.

All of these looks are available now at The Boy’s Store, hurry while they last!


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