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February Featured Outfit: Wes and Willy

The Boy’s Store knows that sometimes you have more than one of those adorable little delights we call boys. You might have a little guy and a medium sized guy, and they may love each other so much they want to do everything exactly the same way. That is why we offer quite a few brands that include great styles that match in an assortment of sizes. Wes and Willy is one of those great brands. They offer great outfits that can coordinate big brother and little brother. This month we are featuring a great look from Wes and Willy that will look fantastic on both big and small fry.

Boys love fire trucks. The big bold colors, the loud noises, and the fact that they carry heroes straight to our houses make them one of boy’s favorite things in the world. That is why Wes and Willy offer some great looks that feature those big red engines in all their glory. Now your little guys can look and dream of being the great heroes they worship, they can even practice rescuing each other all over the house.

Firetruck Romper by Wes and WillyFiretruck Romper By Wes and Willy: This adorable and comfortable romper is perfect for your littlest guy. The light beige long-sleeve romper style is perfect for fall, winter, and early spring. The bold fire truck graphics are always a big pleaser amongst boys of all ages and is available on both the front and back. The front features a bold graphic of the fire rescue seal while the back has the fire engine. The romper is also tagless, a huge comfort benefit, especially amongst the little ones.

Firetruck Shirt by Wes and WillyFiretruck Shirt By Wes and Willy: Just like its twin for the little brother, this shirt for big brother has two great graphics on front and back. It is tagless and machine washes cold tumble dry low. Now even mom is happy. Especially since it is only $16.80.

Elastic Waist Carpenter Jeans by Wes and WIillyElastic Waist Carpenter Jeans By Wes and Willy: Of course not everyone can relax in a romper, so big brother is going to need some great jeans. This pair is comfortable and cool with their carpenter style and elastic waist. Now for only $15.00 they are a steal of a deal and will look awesome with the Firetruck shirt. So mom make sure you have that camera ready when those matching boys come out to play.

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