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New Item – Cherry Pit Pack

What is a cherry pit pack? A cherry pit pack is an eco-friendly, reusable therapeutic hot/cold pack made with all-natural cherry pits that are specially cleaned, dried and chemical free. Cherry pits are known for their ability to both retain and slowly release moist penetrating heat or soothing coldness. Heat in the microwave for a […]

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Nowa Li celebrates 60 years

Swedish company Nowa Li is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. They are best known for integrating sock and shoes to make a very comfortable easy to care for slipper. While the company has grown tremendously since its inception, it has remained true to its roots, moccasins that are practical and comfortable. In 2009 Nowa […]

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Dropper Stopper

I am very happy to Introduce Dropper Stopper to The Boy’s Store infant boy accessories line-up; such an ingenious idea/item. Dropper Stopper was founded by sisters-in-law, Nicole Williams and Meredith LaMirande. Mom Inventor, Nicole, was determined to help moms across the world solve an irritating problem. The two developed a product that incorporates a mother’s […]