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Entertaining a boy – Part 3

Entertaining a boy part 3 is a recap of The Boy’s Store’s daily Tweeter tips. A continuation of a series of tips written in a 140 characters or less providing tips on activities that can be used to entertain a boy. At the bottom of this post you will find links to the previous posts […]

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Entertaining a boy – Part 2

If you haven’t read my first post in this series, here is a quick recap. On the 15 of September I decided to provide my twitter followers a daily tip on activities, crafts and other ways to help entertain a boy. Most every day, I will tweet the tip at approximately 8:30AM Pacific Time. You […]

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Pant Fasteners

We have a choice of buttons, snaps, hook and slides and so much more. A variety that allows us as mothers to choose the appropriate type of closure for our children. Each child’s motor skills develop at different rates. Providing our children with a simpler solution, doesn’t just make our lives easier but it helps […]