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The Best Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is a time to have fun and be a little crazy. That can mean dressing up as your favorite character, becoming a monster, ghost, or goon, or eating a LOT of goodies. Goodies come in all shapes and sizes during October. Candy is a huge deal, but have you ever tried cupcakes? Now cupcakes can be difficult to handout to trick-or-treaters, so we are not suggesting that. However, if you plan a Halloween party every year, hand out treats at school, or just enjoy a treat at home with your kids cupcakes are the perfect treat medium.

Heather at Chickabug, has a list of the 30 cutest cupcakes for Halloween. From ghosts and bats to zombie brains and pumpkins the list goes on and on. Cupcakes can be more than just a great treat, they can be art. Some of the cupcakes highlighted at Chickabug are indeed art. They feature incredible colors, pieces of candy, and details that almost make us not want to eat them they are so incredibly cool looking. We did say almost, after all, they are cake.

Best Halloween Cupcakes

If you are planning to create some incredibly cool works of art for stuffing your face with this Halloween we highly suggest checking out the list of 30 great cupcakes from Chickabug. They all look so incredibly cool, we do not know how you will choose only one. We are definitely interested in the Chocolate bat Cupcakes. Anything that has that much chocolate has got to be good, and the bats will definitely impress my kids. Enjoy your treats!

Last but not least

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