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Turkey Oreo Treats

Turkey Oreo Treats

Since it is November we thought we would highlight a special treat that is full of the Thanksgiving spirit. We scoured the Internet and found these darling little Oreo turkeys on one of our new favorite places to find great recipes Kate and Sara were featured on our blog in October with their Monster Jaws. The Monster Jaws were a big hit and when we saw these great little turkeys we knew they would be a hit too!

Oreos have been an American favorite for decades. So why not use them for an incredibly sweet and special holiday treat? They make the perfect base for these great turkeys, all you need are a few other favorites to make a terrific Thanksgiving treat. So gather your supplies and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the sweetest treat you have ever tasted depicting a turkey. Who knew turkeys could be this sweet!?

What You Will Need:

Double Stuff Oreo Cookies
Candy Corn
Peanut-butter Cups
Chocolate frosting (Kate and Sara suggest a Pre-filled frosting tube for ease of use)
Yellow Frosting (Kate and Sara suggest a Pre-filled frosting tube for ease of use)
Optional: Red frosting (Kate and Sara suggest a Pre-filled frosting tube for ease of use)
Optional: black sprinkles for eyes

What You Will Do:

1. Get an Oreo cookie and squeeze a little chocolate frosting into it to hold the candy corn securely in place. Then you can begging stuffing the candy corn into the split between the Oreo cookie sandwiched pieces. Tip side in works best.

2. Using a wall as a support bracing place a dab of frosting on the opposite end of the cookie to secure it to the other (base) Oreo. Now let these dry so they stay together, Kate and Sara suggest assembling all your cookies at once so they can dry together.

3. While the Oreos dry unwrap your peanut-butter cups and take a sharp knife and cut a sliver off of one end. A sawing motion may work best so the cup doesn’t fall apart. Now use a dab of frosting to secure the PB cup to the Oreos sliced side to the base.

4. Next secure a whopper with frosting on top of the PB cup and against the back Oreo. This will be your turkeys head.

5. Now use the yellow frosting and the cut of tip of a candy corn and secure the tip to the whopper as a beak. Make two yellow frosting dots for eyes and put your black sprinkles on them.

6. now use the yellow frosting to make feet and the red frosting to make the gobbler on the turkey. Now you have a sweet and scrumptious (did we mention adorable!) turkey treat! Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out for step-by-step instructions with pictures if you need them. Gobble gobble!

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