Educational Apps for Kids!

We love to work on learning at home. Although we love that our children are in school and we think they have fabulous teachers we also know that we are their teachers too, and the most important ones they will have throughout their lives. So we try to do a little bit of homework with them, we stay abreast of what they are learning in school, and we try to bring in fun and non-traditional ways of learning. We love our iPad. It has been a virtual God-send. Our children enjoy playing “games” with us on it. But what we have done is brought in games that are educational. It can be difficult to decide which are helpful and which are not, and of course no matter what it is still screen time so you may want to regulate it, but with the proper use the iPad can be a great virtual classroom. We have a few favorites that we enjoy doing and are very excited to share.



Disney Imagicademy Math World: add, subtract, sort, count, and learn shapes with this Disney app. All of your favorite Disney characters are here to help you and your kids play and learn to count by ones, twos, tens, and more. Subtract and add with Mickey and Donald. Learn shapes with Goofy! It is loads of fun and comes with a trial app so you don’t have to pay full price if you don’t like it.

MathBlaster: this fun arcade game lets you blast math equations, work out the sum and you get to blast away the answer. They shoot missiles at you and you must swerve and solve to thwart your enemies!


Weird but True: from National Geographic Kids comes a great app that lets you learn and interact with a list full of Weird But True facts. These fun facts are a little insane, a little quirky, and a lot of fun to learn. Your kids will enjoy learning them and sharing them.

Virtual Frog Dissection: this is really for older kids, but if you have a younger kid that is interested it is actually quite fun and informative. A great alternative to real dissection it teaches anatomy, classification, appearance, eating and living, life-cycle and more. It’s a great virtual hands on learning tool.

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