Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween batsEvery year as Halloween comes around we all start preparing for the colder weather such as sleet, snow and early morning black ice. This means looking into our boys’ wardrobe for winter items. Are those boots he wore last year so small that they need to be replaced? Does he have a couple pairs of gloves, hats and a scarf? What about socks, pants, long sleeve shirts, sweater and a jacket or hoodie?

For my family this means finding that outfit for Holiday pictures. The perfect boy outfit that looks so nice a clean during the photo shoot and becomes an every day shirt for school. This year Wes and Willy came up with two great button down shirt designs that fit that niche perfectly. I will be pairing them with Wes and Willy’s City College corduroy pants which are available in several colors. The adjustable waist and easy slide and hook closure will make these fit any boy and allow him to get dressed on his own.

If you are looking for a more formal look, we will be re-introducing a selection from Hartstrings (formerly called Kitestrings). We love this brand for their more “dressed-up” look and the quality put into the manufacturing of each piece of clothing.

Kissy Kissy’s newest Holiday design is heartwarming and will just about make any little infant boy look like the latest model for the brand. Clean crisp white rompers, one pieces and outfits are the perfect choice for a picture day full of holiday 1st Christmas Bibcheer.

We would love for you to share with us pictures of your boy(s) in clothing from The Boy’s Store.

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