Soccer Mania

Are you ready for World Cup Soccer???

I was fortunate to attend a few games when the World Cup was in the US. You could feel the excitement and passion in the air during the Brazil vs. Cameroon game on June 24th 1994. And what it game it was 🙂

I also had signed up for clean-up duty after the game; it took us much longer than expected to get the stadium ready for the next game probably because we were still all wound up from watching the one that just ended.

When and where I grew up most boys in my neighborhood participated in soccer during the warm months and played hockey in winter. I thought I knew how fond people were of the sport until I got involved in the World Cup. It was an experience that will forever be with me.

To help celebrate the soon to start series; here are a few soccer themed shirts carried by The Boy’s Store.

Multi Tone Soccer Shirt by Mulberribush
Soccer Themed Shirt by Wes and Willy

Soccer Themed Polo Shirt by Dogwood
Soccer Crew Sock by Country Kids

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