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Spring Time Family Fun: Plan an Outdoor Activity

Spring is a great time to plan something fun to do as a family. Wi the nice weather it easy to get outside and do something that will not only be fun but help keep you all active. There are many different things that you can do together as a family. Plan a day of baseball or softball at your local park. Go for a hike in the local hills or mountains. Plan a nature walk and learn about all the different wildlife and plant life in your area. Play soccer as a Family, or plan a day at the beach and enjoy some frisbee or build a sandcastle.

It can be difficult to find time together as a family when everyone has such different schedules. But remember that it is important to schedule time to be together. You need to interact with your family in order to keep up a good relationship. Talking and playing together is one of the ways that a family stays strong. So pick a day that you can all be together and plan to spend the whole day together. Wake up and plan breakfast. Breakfast does not have to be a big to do, even if you just put together cereal and toast for everyone, eating together as a family is the important part. Enjoy some time together and plan your activity for the day. If you are a more adventurous group plan a day of hiking. Pack a lunch together, trying to get everyone involved in the process. This will make it more fun and your kids will not complain about the things they eat for lunch if they are a part of the planning process.

Pick a place that will be interesting to hike. Whether you. Do it in the mountains, foothills, a local preserve, or even just a hiking and biking trail, you can see some amazing things and get a great workout. Take a camera with you and let your kids pick out things they think are beautiful. A bird, a rabbit, a tree, the sky or clouds. Keep up a dialogue about the things you are seeing. Make a list of the types of birds you see, you and your kids can research them together later. Do you have really young kids? Ask them to point out different animals and plants they know, then teach them what the plants need to survive. When you return home you can create a garden and show them how plants survive and live.

There are so many different things you can do as a family. You do not have to stick to any specific plan. Just think of an activity that you all enjoy, or one you have never tried before. You can make an entire list of all the things you each want to try and pick one at random for the day. You can even make it a tradition to do a trip each month together and work your way down the list of activities. No matter what you plan remember to enjoy your day, although there may be bumps in the road, your kids may argue, you may argue with the kids, maybe someone will be tired and want to go home, just remember that you are here to enjoy the time you can together. No day is absolutely perfect, so enjoy the little moments that you can.