Toddler Moments: The Threenager

All parents know what I am talking about. You have all at one point tried to control or deal with a toddler. Its an inevitable stage in development. We cannot avoid it. Everyone warns us about the terrible twos, and the terrible teenager years. But no one warns you about the terrible threes. You escape the twos pretty much unscathed and think, I have made it! I’m free. It wasn’t that terrible, my kid must be the easiest two year old ever! Then you hit three and the Terrible Threenager emerges.

We skipped the terrible twos. I think that my two year old plotted to make three even worse. I like to call this the threenager stage because the fights all seem to be about control, being in charge , and being independent. I can see their teenage years looming ahead and think good god I can’t go through it again! But I will try to find a way to make it through, after all, what other option is there? Threenagers like to exert their own willpower, they like to think they are in control of everything we do. And they think everything is theirs by right. We have spent our week fighting over the power, but in the end we have found the best way to deal has been to give them small moments of power and control. We are slowly tricking them in to thinking they have the power (even though we never give it up). Options are our best ally. Would you like to eat chicken or beef for dinner? What outfit looks best for school today? This or that? limited options work best.

What coping mechanisms do you use to get through the day with your toddler?

Who else can relate to this moment?

The Threenager

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