Toy Organization Hacks!

I am beginning to feel cluttered, chaotic, and crazy. I get this way after the holidays every year. I feel bogged down by the weight of things left over from the holidays. One way I have learned over the years to handle this feeling is to organize the things that are weighing on my mind.

I love to declutter after a busy holiday (or birthday) season. I go through all of my kids clothes and toys and give them a swift sort. It can be hard to do, but it is sometimes completely necessary. It also gives me the chance to pack away items they no longer need and give them to someone who may be in need of a new winter coat, or a baby stroller.

I also go through their toys and hide some of the things they are not playing with as often. Some of the items I will keep and save for when we travel, or I will take them to grandparents houses so we have items to play with there. But most of them will be donated. What do you do to combat the post-holiday overflow?

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