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Back-to-School Germs!

With most of our kiddos back-to-school this month parents are beginning to prepare for the dreaded back-to-school germ invasion. It happens every year. It can take days, maybe a week, but it always shows up. When you throw that many kids together that have been exposed to so many different places, people, and experiences all summer germs are bound to spread. It usually means that despite going back to school kids end up home very shortly after with some not invited bugs. There are some ways to help avoid the nastiest of the germs, but be prepared that sooner or later something will get by.

Hand sanitizer. This is a moms best friend. It comes in many different forms, gels, lotions, sprays, just make sure your kid has some. Then find out how to make them use it! Remind them to use it after the bathroom, playing outside, before eating, etc.

hands-311366_640Hand washing. This one is self explanatory, at least you would think so. Wash throughout the day, but make sure your kids know to wash front and back and to scrub for at least 30 seconds. We taught our kids to sing the ABC’s in their head while they scrub.

Sanitizing wipes or Clorox wipes. These are for the teacher. Make them a gift. Teachers love getting gifts. Especially in the form of supplies that don’t need to be purchased by them. Many teachers wipe down surfaces throughout the day but these wipes are pricey and get used quickly. So gifting a bunch to your favorite teacher protects you, your kids, and the class.

Sharing. Remind your kids it’s nice to share. But try not to share food, drinks, or anything that goes in the mouth, ears, nose, or eyes.

Stay healthy! Keep up your health routine at home, healthy fruits, veggies, proteins, and fats. Keep your kids active, make sure hey get the rest they need. All of this can help with those back-to-school germs.

As we said there isn’t any fail-safe way to avoid getting those germs, but you can help your family battle them faster or maybe get a less virulent strain by keeping up with these practices. No matter what just remember to watch your kiddos for signs of infection if they do get sick, and thank your lucky stars if they don’t! Enjoy the back-to-school season!

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