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Children’s Love Languages

A few years ago my husband and I read a book about Love Languages. It talks about how each of us feels loved in different ways, and how to understand how your partner feels love and needs to be shown love. It was eye opening for us. We both feel love differently, so we understand that we have to show lover differently to one another.

Recently we thought to ourselves how different our kids were as well. We discussed all the unique things about each of them. Then we asked each other how do our kids feel loved? So we reopened our old book and considered our kids. We talked with a friend who mentioned that the Love Languages website that discusses Love Languages for Kids. You can even have your kids take the test with you to learn their love language:

We took the time to quiz our kids and we have been using it as a way to make them feel the love and support that they need everyday. We know that one child prefers praise while the other prefers hugs and affection. Now we can give each child the praise they need to make them feel better everyday. Have you checked out your love language?

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