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Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween is in full swing now, trick-or-treating is just a few days away and we know your kids are just itching to get out there and start, but we also know that you may be beginning to worry about all the dangers of the night of fun. We know it an be worrying to let your kids participate in trick-or-treating, how do you trust other people to watch out for your kids while driving, how do you know your kids aren’t eating something they shouldn’t? Well with just a few safety tips even the most worrisome moms and dads can have their fears alleviated.

Tip # 1:

When kids are out walking they should follow all crosswalk rules. Never walk in the middle of the street, and do not walk in between cars, even if they are parked! And always walk, never run.

Tip # 2:

It is always safest to trick-or-treat close to home in neighborhoods you know. Stay with a group, stay near the light, and always make sure there is an adult (mom, dad, or someone else trustworthy) nearby.

Tip # 3:

Always have a flashlight and make sure kids wear some sort of reflective clothing that alerts drivers that they are around.

Tip # 4:

Do not go inside someone’s house. At all. Even if it is a haunted house or they keep the candy inside. Keep kids with you at all times if you do choose to go inside a haunted house, but the best bet if you do not know the people hosting the house is to just stay away.

Tip # 5:

Make sure your children understand not to eat any candy before you have checked it thoroughly. If the candy looks like it has been tampered with, is not sealed properly, or seems discolored, smells, or looks unusual do not let your child eat it.

For more great safety tips check out and The CDC, and remember to stay safe and have fun this Halloween.

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