Winter Woes: The Stomach Flu


Everyone becomes a baby again when flue season hits. Feeling achy, vomiting, diarrhea, and a fever can reduce even the toughest of men into whining babies. So it is no wonder that our kiddos feel so absolutely miserable when they get sick with the stomach flu. Nobody likes to feel sick and vulnerable. So what are some great ways to help our kids this flu season to feel better and more comfortable while sick? Let’s start with the basics.

1.Lots of fluids. When your little one first shows symptoms of the flu make sure to stock up on fluids to keep them hydrated. Nothing is worse than being sick with the flu and dehydrated, it is also very dangerous. So try to keep them sipping fluids. Start with something like pedialyte, ginger ale, white grape juice, or water. These are the easiest on upset tummies and will help to re-hydrate in a safe way that will boost electrolytes. Keep liquids on hand for your child to sip small amounts every 15 minutes. If they re having a hard time keeping fluids down or in start with ice chips and slowly reintroduce liquids.

2.When it comes to food stick with liquids. Wait at least 3 hours after vomiting to introduce food and start small and bland. Think broth, chicken or beef, jello, and Popsicles. These are easy to digest and will also help your child stay hydrated. If they are keeping these things down after 6 hours post vomiting try bland foods with more substance like dry toast, rice, or chicken noodle soup. This type of food may seem boring and bland, try making it a little more fun by using cookie cutters to cut shapes into the toast. These little touches may just make your little ones spirits lighten.

3.If your child has a fever try treating it with Tylenol or ibuprofen. Make sure to check with your doctor if your child’s fever becomes too high or lasts longer than two days.

4.Keep your child comfortable and make sure they get lots of rest. Sleep is important and they will need a lot of it to get better. If they feel like sitting up maybe allow them some time to sit up and watch their favorite movie or show. Read them their favorite book. It is important that they feel loved and not alone when they feel sick. It can be frightening being young and having the flu.

While we hope you will not need these tips it is best to have them on hand, you never know when the flu might strike.

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