boys clothing

Spring Break: Swimwear!

The weather has turned here in California — again. We had some glorious warm weather that tricked us in to believing that spring was coming. Now the weather is cold and stormy once more and we are all here wishing for our Cali sun and warmth. The kids are all excited because spring break is […]


Lego STEM Activity

Legos are such a fun and simple way to teach STEM. They can be an excellent tool for teaching mechanics and engineering. Our kids love to build with Legos for fun, and I let them whenever they want to, however, I also like to sometimes challenge them with something like this bridge building activity. Frugal […]

Food & Recipes

Easy Breakfasts on the Go!

We love easy breakfasts that will be filling and tasty while still easy to grab! It is great to have simple meals set aside for days when you are busy, and we are ALWAYS busy in the morning. We have so much going on that some mornings I think to myself we just won’t eat […]