Fostering a Love for Reading: Part Two

Many children (and even some adults) are afraid of reading because they do not find things they enjoy reading, or do not know how to find things they enjoy reading. Picking a book to read can be a daunting task, especially for kids that are not quite sure they will enjoy reading. That is why so many authors and publishers spend so much time trying to publicize books; they want to make it easier to see a book in the spotlight before you pick it up at a bookstore. But at the end of the day are kids that are not readers going to see these books? Unless they show a commercial during SpongeBob or The Suite Life on Deck probably not. That is why it is important to introduce your child to books. While they are exposed to books at school there is not time in a school day, or even a school year, to introduce kids to outside reading material. Therefore parents need to step up and help their kids find things to read. One of the ways to do this is to find books from different genres and expose your children to them to test their taste. Yes this can be time consuming, but it can really make a difference in the way they learn and learn to love reading.

One of the best ways to introduce your child to a new book is the library. Especially if you are looking to foster a love of books, you can choose a new book each time you visit at no cost to you. If your child is disinterested in a book he or she can return it and look for a different book. When you are trying something new it is best to try it in small amounts, this way you do no overwhelm anyone.

Another great way to introduce your child to books is to have them read books you loved as a child, or books they can relate to. One of the best book series for children is the Choose Your Own Adventure Series. These books come in a variety of genres and allow for your child to directly interact with the book. Each book is written in the second person and your child gets to choose how the book begins and ends. At pivotal point in each story your child will be prompted to turn to a new page where the story will take a new direction. This places them directly in the stories plot. It makes them master of the book. It also teaches them cause and effect. They can alter the story at their own choosing. This also means they can reread the book and it will not have the same ending. It opens up a whole new world to them in the written word that they had never known before. Let them travel to worlds they do not know in adventures like Journey Under The Sea, The Abominable Snowman, Inside UFO 54-40, Return to Atlantis, and The Luckiest Day of Your Life. All of these novels are available by choose your own adventure and your children will love changing the story each time they read it. Return to Atlantis (Choose Your Own Adventure #18) [Paperback]

By introducing new books to your child on a regular basis they can learn that there are so many books available that there is bound to be several they love. Try introducing a new book to your child this month, read it with them, ask them questions, and see what they think of it. You may find that you both have a new love of reading.


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