Science in the World: NASA’s Kepler Mission

In July the world was witness to a great discovery, the Kepler NASA mission delivered incredible images of the incredible discoveries it has been making. Do you and your boys know anything about the incredible discoveries of the Kepler mission? Here is a rundown of the Kepler Mission’s objectives:

Kepler mission

The Kepler Mission’s main objective is to identify and explore the structure and the diversity of the planetary systems. It does this by surveying large star systems and sending back images to NASA for a better and deeper understanding.

To determine if there are inhabitable plants outside of the planet earth in various star systems.

Determine the size and shapes of these planetary orbits.

Estimate the number of planets there are in multiple-star systems.

Identify the members of various star systems.

This mission is accomplished through several different facets including imaging. If you and your kids want to follow along with this incredible mission please visit the Kepler Mission page. You can also learn more about the technologies at use to bring us these incredible discoveries and how they have developed over the years.

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