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STEM Activities: Blow up a Balloon with Science!!

Blow up a balloon with science

School is still out, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot learn. Science is such a fun and exciting field, and it doesn’t usually feel like school when you are “playing” at science. Science lets kids learn about the world around them, it opens their eyes and brains to new and different things. But the fun thing about science is it lets you try things you would never get to do normally. Change the colors of things, blow things up, make them grow, make them shrink. The possibilities are endless.

This month we want to share something fun that will help teach and will still let you play. This incredible experiment from Coupons are Great allows you and your kids to blow up a balloon with science. Nobody will be winded from blowing it up, and you will learn why its possible to do this with the help of science. Leandrea is the writer of Coupons are Great and has helped to hare this incredibly fun and explosive experiment. Now you and your kids can learn how important (and fun!) science can be, even during summer vacation!

blow up a balloon with science

Now you need to head on over to Coupons are Great to learn exactly how you will be creating this fabulous experiment. Make sure you pick up a few things first:

What You Will Need:



Baking Soda


Dry Empty Water Bottle

Now you can see exactly how this will work at Coupons Are Great!

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