STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

STEM has become an important part of our children’s learning experience. The world of tomorrow is based upon science, technology, engineering, and math. Yet many of our children are still performing very poorly in these subjects. Many schools do not have the funding or time to dedicate to these subjects, and many students fall behind in their learning curve because of this. Some parents and guardians have begun taking up a more prominent role in educating at home, and some of the most important subjects they are working on are STEM.

Engineering Career Launcher is an organization that specializes in helping parents and schools to educate their children in STEM and help them to launch careers in these incredible fields for the future. Founded by Don Gallagher this organization helps parents to teach and work with their children at home on STEM related subjects, projects, and help guide them in to lucrative careers. STEM had become an important part of education, and with the help of some of ECL’s videos and free PDFs parents can now work at home with kids.

Science is a subject that many kids enjoy, but not many excel at. With the help of parent sat home it is possible to make the experience more rewarding for everyone involved. Here are some incredible STEM resources to help you in your children’s education, including Don Gallagher’s free PDF guidance.

STEM resources:

Engineering Career Launcher

STEM Education Coalition

HATCH store

Live Science

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